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Tanning For Summer

In-case you didn't know, microdosing your moisturiser is now the new way to tan. Self-tanning drops offer a gradual, long-lasting and foolproof solution to tailoring your tan. Just add a few drops to your moisturiser — one or two for a sunkissed hint, or a few more for a sunbaked hue — and voilà! The days of smearing biscuit-brown lotions on and hoping for the best are over. The market for self-tan drops is pretty broad, but we highly recommend the 'Self-Tanning Drops' (Tatler Beauty Awards 2018 Winner) from the highly renowned Dr Sebagh. This product is also a popular favorite with several of our top models.

Avalible here £35.00

Tan, protect and glow; all at once. These Tanning Drops deliver a radiant and healthy-looking, sun-free glow whilst helping to shield skin against the ageing effects of High Energy Visible (HEV) light/daylight. This blue/violet light is also emitted by smartphones, tablets and laptops (the dream for all of us cyber addicts). The drops also contain HEV Melanin in a fractionated form, which provides a higher level of protection against HEV light.This breakthrough formula helps to protect skin against the ageing effects of oxidative stress whilst delivering a beautiful golden glow. Presented in a stunning gold bottle, these drops are amazing value for money, just two-three drops provide a glowing, natural tan that lasts upto three days. Simply mix with your daily moisturiser or serum and watch your golden glow grow!

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