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The Board: Sneakerheads, witches and skiers – these are the new boys of Premier

In an ongoing series of features, newfaces has selected multiple newbies from a singular agency to highlight. Say hi to the men’s new faces board at Premier Model Management, London — a quintessentially British mix of the traditional and the eccentric.

Name: Yuta Shen
Age: 18
Hometown: Shanghai, China
How discovered: I was discovered by a photographer in China, he shot with me, and then this started my journey as a model.
Best feature: I like everything retro, and I always wear vintage clothing. I’m also easygoing, love nature, like to laugh too.
Fun fact: I am often considered a foreigner in my own country by many people.

Name: Bryn
Age: 18
Hometown: London
How discovered: Scouted at a festival by Omar at Premier.
Best feature: Not too sure with this one, but I’d say I’m light hearted guy and I don’t take myself too serious.
Fun fact: I do graffiti.

Name: River Smith
Age: 20
Hometown: Plymouth
How discovered: In Bristol by Premier before going into Love Saves the Day.
Best feature: I like my eyes, they’re blue and my pupils are slightly different sizes.
Fun fact: I study witchcraft

Name: Vivien Lawson
Age: 23
Hometown: London
How discovered: In Manchester train station on my way home from Uni.
Best feature: It’s got to be the blue hair hasn’t it?
Fun fact: I can lick my own elbow.

Name: Archie Caisley
Age: 16
Hometown: Newcastle
How discovered: My older brother Ellis was scouted and when the scout saw my photo she also gave me my first break.
Best feature: Best feature is my hair that has been long for as long as I can remember. And my freckles I suppose.
Fun fact: I love skateboarding and photography. I try combining the two when I can. I also enjoy jamming on my guitar.

Name: Obe Jones
Age: 19
Hometown: Totnes
How discovered: Scouted at Port Eliot festival 2018 by Premier.
Best feature: My eyebrows.
Fun fact: I’m a huge football fan and the team I support is Brentford.

Name: Keenan Gyamfi
Age: 19
Hometown: Essex (Chalkwell)
How discovered: I applied to Premier, which is the rarest way to get into modelling.
Best feature: Definitely my personality. I feel my energy is comforting and the way I come across is easy going. I just don’t feel I take myself too seriously, so it allows others to be more open around me. I’m very honest, so people always come to me for advise.
Fun fact: I’m a massive sneaker head and collect all kinds of exclusive shoes. I’m trying to build my collection and would one day would love to feature on Sneaker Shopping with Complex.

Name: Thomas Rowland
Age: 17
Hometown: Sheffield
How discovered: At Leeds Festival 2018 by Premier scouts.
Best feature: My eyes.
Fun fact: If I wasn’t modelling I would be a keen skier!

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