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The Scent of Summer

Oh, the joy of being able to immediately conjure the distinctive scent of summer holidays with a single spritz. Balmy nights, long sunny days at the beach and winding paths lined with luscious blooms are all instantly called to mind. The Replica fragrance collection by Maison Margiela, have taken all these natural feelings and smells from Summertime and created a stunning capsule collection of perfect fragrances.

From Beach Walk to Lazy Sunday Morning, this light and classy collection will leave you feeling (and smelling) like you are at one with Summertime nature. Our personal favorite has to be Beach Walk, a salty, earthly aroma, containing ingredience including; Bergamote, Pink Pepper, Ylang ylang, Coconut Milk, Lemon and Cedar Wood (to name a few). Find your perfect summer scent and shop the collection here.