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The Tooth Whitening Brand To Know

Many everyday foods from pasta to acidic fruit and vegetables to just plain old tea and coffee, can leave even the most diligent dental obsessives feeling a bit yellow. Surprisingly, most foods we eat daily stain our teeth, and discoloration can accumulate despite sipping through straws and brushing after meals. We've found out about Spotlight whitening, a range of super quick, easy and gorgeously presented tooth whitening products. The brand was created by professional dentists Dr Lisa & Vanessa Creaven with a view to creating products that are safe, effective, simple to use plus contain the same active ingredients used in clinical dental practices everyday. With an in-depth knowledge into the science of whitening, a new formula was carefully created and designed by the Dr duo, which includes a small amount of peroxide to ensure effective results. Hydrogen peroxide is the only clinically proven ingredient to whiten teeth. This, along with their super-seal strip technology ensures for a seamless and successful whitening experience.

Fairly new, the brand first launched in September 2016 and due to high demand, three further products launched within year one- a whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and an easy to use Whitening pen. This year for AW18, to ensure our models teeth are gleaming and in tip top condition for all those castings and shows, we collaborated with the trendy brand for our Model Survival bags.

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Available instore at Boots UK stores.