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Time To Glow With Guerlain

Cold, dreary and dark; the only way to describe January. However, it's not all bad as Spring is just around the corner. Guerlain's brand new Meteorites Glow With Love collection has got us feeling all excited and ready to rock that dewy, spring glow! For this colourful new collection, Guerlain are focusing on playful seduction for a radiant face. Discover “tone-touring” with the new trio of concealer pens from the Météorites range, plus create a flawless glow for the cheekbones with the Heart-shape all in one pallet.

The Météorites CC Glow

These products are colour correctors that target and correct skin tone imperfections while offering a radiant and rejuvenating effect. Based on the principle of colorimetry – two complementary colours cancel each other out when they are layered – Guerlain have developed three complexion correctors capable of effectively neutralising minor skin tone flaws: dark circles, dark spots or redness.

Each colour has a specific correcting property: green helps to neutralise redness, pink refreshes dull complexions, while apricot helps to erase areas of shadow and minor dark spots and offset the colour blue to counter dark circles.

How to use:

Target and correct complexion flaws with the “Tone-Touring” technique, applying 1, 2 or 3 correcting shades.Pink is applied to the forehead and along the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin and cupid’s bow.
Green is applied to cheeks and the wings of the nose. Apricot is applied above and below the eyes, or to the lip contour to erase shadowy areas and create the impression of volume

Meteorites Heart-Shape

With this product, Guerlain have created an ideal strobing palette to sculpt and refine the face into a V-shape like Korean women do.

In a single compact, three contrasting shades of powder – two blushes and one highlighter – come together to luminously sculpt the complexion and redefine the facial contours into a heart shape.

A dark pink shade to bring out the cheekbones, an iridescent pink shade applied to the hairline, and a pearly beige tone to refine the nose and highlight lips.

Météorites Heart Shape’s impalpable, lightweight texture becomes one with skin, leaving a rosy, glowing complexion all day long.

How to use:

For the heart-shaped or V-shaped technique, apply the dark pink shade in the hollows underneath the cheekbones, starting from the nose and working up to the temples. The iridescent pale pink shade is applied to the areas to be highlighted: the top of the cheekbones and the contour of the face. Finally, the pearly beige section, applied to the bridge of the nose and lip contour, brightens the whole look.