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Adrian Allen: Male Model & Businessman

Whilst enjoying a long and successful modelling career, Adrian Allen chats to us on how his career in modelling influenced his own business venture; SoleMateTape. The tape of the fashion industry! After watching many stylists, models and photographers struggle with taping the soles of shoes on shoots and runways, Adrian decided that there had to be a better way. Therefore, SoleMateTape was born. SoleMateTape is an easily removable, clear, shoe-shaped tape that fits the sole of any shoe. There is a one-size–fits-all for men and women and a smaller sole for women’s high heels. Plus there is a clear grip patch for help on those slippery surfaces.

Read Adrian's interview below and shop/follow SoleMateTape here

Where are you from?
- I'm originally from Melbourne Australia. I have now been living in London for the last 10 years.

 How did you start modelling?
- I started modelling when I was invited to do a competition in Melbourne. At the time I was a carpenter so all my mates thought it was a great laugh! I ended up winning the competition which took me to another competition in Shanghai, I went on to win that also and after that a lot of doors opened up for me so I thought I would see where this modelling gig will take me! After 13 years, 48 countries and nearly 3 passports I'm still doing it!

What inspired  SoleMate Tape?
- On most jobs the shoes need to be protected from damaged. So the stylists struggle to use tape on the sole of the shoe. I thought to myself there must be a better way of doing this.  It has taken almost 2 years of hard work and development to finally launch the product.
Where can we purchase?
You can purchase it on

What tips have you taken from being on set?
My advice is to be confident about yourself and what you're doing,  don't worry about what other people might think
What are your aspirations for SoleMate Tape?
We are hoping to expand the brand and sell the product outside of the fashion industry. We have already added a self adhesive removable grip patch for those slippery new shoes! We are always looking to add more products to the range and are in development of some more at the moment!