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Male Grooming 101

Grooming doesn't have to be female friendly only, we all know guys also like to be looking in tip top condition. Believe it or not, the male grooming industry is actually just as much a billion dollar industry as the female. This season, we selected the below brands as our top two go to for male model grooming essentials.

Premier Boy Marc Schulze backstage this season

Arm & Hammer TOTAL PRO CLEAN + REPAIR Toothpaste available here

We all know the importance of keeping our teeth not only looking gleaming and white but medically clean. Suprisingly, not all toothpastes contain the best or correct ingredients to do this. Whilst on the go, our models need to know that when they brush their teeth, they are REALLY cleaning them. Due to this, our brand of choice was Arm and Hammer. The Total Pro Clean + Repair toothpaste offers unsurpassed protection against every day oral care concerns such as cavities, plaque, gums, staining, sensitivity and bad breath. The toothpaste also goes beyond traditional ‘Total’ toothpastes through the unique and patented Active Calcium technology which restores and strengthens weakened tooth enamel.

Arm & Hammer has been the leading provider of baking soda toothpaste ever since John Dwight and Austin Church discovered Baking Soda over 160 years ago. Each carefully formulated Arm & Hammer toothpaste includes the ultimate cleaning ingredient, Baking Soda – a naturally occurring mineral formed from evaporated saltwater lakes in Green River, Wyoming, USA. The toothpaste also comes in a handy little 7ml size, perfect for carrying around all day or travelling.

Windle & Moodie Hair Products shop here

During fashion week, as a model, we know your hair is going to be ragged, chopped and sprayed over a couple of hundred times a day. Due to this, we wanted a simple & easy to carry around product that our boys could smooth through their locks that would have it looking casting ready in a second. We called upon award winning London salon Windle & Moodie for their Men's hero products; The Volcanic Ash Wax & The Matte Paste.

Volcanic Ash Wax £22

Contains Volcanic Ash and three naturally derived waxes for a strong gritty, matte, textured, urban finish. Suitable for short, choppy haircuts. Rub a small amount in the palms of hands to warm the product. Apply through dry hair.

Matte Paste £20

A unique blend of waxes, to give matte, malleable hold to short, croppy haircuts. Adds texture, definition and structure to all hair types. Rub a small amount in the palm of hands and apply throughout dry hair.